Michael and Marc Guberti in the Media

The Knicks recognized Michael and Marc Guberti as the final Sweetwater Clifton “City Spirit” Award recipients of the 2015-16 season. The award, sponsored by ZTE USA, was presented by Allan Houston to the Guberti brothers on Wednesday, April 6 at the Knicks vs. Hornets game at Madison Square Garden.

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Teenager Entrepreneur

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Founders of Business Whiz Kids featured on Westchester Business Journal:

Brothers aim to turn teen peers into entrepreneurs

Michael Guberti and Marc Guberti are the proud winners of the prestigious 2014 Rule Breaker Award.  Guberti brothers have been recognized as innovative, forward thinking entrepreneurs showing that success has no age barrier here.


2014 Winner Badge

Business Whiz Kids Wins the 2014 Best Small Business Marketing Campaign of the Year Award

Michael Guberti:


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Daily Voice

The Daily Voice Article Describing Michael and Marc Guberti

Marc Guberti:


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Michael and Marc Guberti presented at: Youths to learn career skills at summit in White Plains, NY in March 2015

Scarsdale Patch: 

Three Minutes on a Park Bench with Marc Guberti

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Challenges & Triumphs in Being a Youth Entrepreneur