Business Whiz Kids is a movement.
We educate and empower youth worldwide to take their passions and convert them into products. By making a profitable income and propelling their future, the youth will foster self-confidence by discovering their life’s purpose.

Identify your passions, package them into products,
promote those products to profit, and propel your future success.

Student Transformations

"The experience I received at this Boot Camp was absolutely incredible. I learned so many new things that I never would have learned. Knowing that I can do what I love while still making a profit makes me feel like I can do anything."
Taussia, Business Whiz Kids Boot Camp Graduate

"My Business Whiz Kids experience was absolutely phenomenal." "This course has absolutely changed the way I view entrepreneurship, other people, how I respect other people and how I respect myself." "I understand the information so much better than any other place I have ever learned." "This is not something I have to dissect in order to get the information; it is given to you. It is easier for anyone to understand at any age." Mat T., Business Whiz Kids Boot Camp Graduate


Students Progress in the Four Pillars of the Program

Let’s dive deep into how these positive and powerful changes came about in our students because of the curriculum.

  • Passion

    Passion: Understand the operating system behind your deepest desires, and learn to turn the dials of success. Eliminate self-doubt, break down faulty beliefs and attract abundance.

  • Product

    Product: Put what is in your mind on the table, or online. What do the influencers use to establish their brands? How do the legends and leaders of meaningful change create products whose impact outlives them, the product creators?

  • Promote

    Promote: The world must hear your story, message and mission. Learn the strategies that the Guberti brothers used to build their massive social media followings, and acquire conventional media outlet attention.

  • Propel

    Propel: Step into the fullness of who you can become. Let’s scale up your mindset and methods for prosperity with novel principles and actionable practices.

Student Testimonials